Environmental & Social Responsibility

We have saved nearly three hundred and twenty seven hectares of forest by using reclaimed timber for the building of our products between 2012 and 2016.

A high percentage of our recycled wood is pine, mainly because it is used to make packing crates. Although it is the fast-growing plantation tree in the world it still takes between twenty-five and forty years for a pine to grow large enough to be economically harvested. So we are extremely proud of the contribution we make to the planet by reclaiming wood that has already been harvested and used and would otherwise be destroyed.

products don’t just look good, but also make you feel good by knowing we are doing something good for the environment.
We have saved over 410 hectares of forest, with each hectare the size of an international rugby pitch. This means we have saved more than 259,000 trees during the past eight years since our records first began.

Looks good. Feels good. Does good.