All over the globe traditional styles of furniture have evolved from the different
cultural experiences of the designers and craftsmen who lovingly created them.
We have travelled the world to find the best and to discover the secrets of
their longevity and their appeal.

A beautifully designed piece of furniture can evoke any number of memories from tropical evenings in the colonial settings of the Far East or the Bahamas to the more rugged, rustic charms of farmhouses in Cornwall, the Trulli limestone dwellings of Puglia or the romantic architecture of Sintra in Portugal.

Recreating the beach lifestyle of Sydney, where PGT founder and designer Ian Burden surfed in his youth, led to us researching practical issues such as anti-rusting, while the tango music and joyful family parties of Argentina were the inspiration for our Caminito range.

We have put together the most evocative and timeless of these designs and each collection that we create has been inspired by a pleasurable aesthetic memory.