The Global Leader and Original Manufacturer of FSC® Certified
100% Solid Reclaimed Wood Furniture.

The world is full of beautiful, high-quality wood, but much of it is used once and then discarded or burned, leading to the decimation of the Earth’s forests and natural habitats. We have been reclaiming that wood, treating, building and finishing it by hand to create some of the finest and most individual pieces of furniture you can buy.

Founded in 1998 by Ian Burden, is the world leader in designing and manufacturing of durable and stylish furniture.

Ian, who had travelled to Vietnam from Australia to design and build garden furniture, first got the idea when he spotted piles of discarded pallets awaiting disposal outside a shipyard. World leaders at the time were tightening the laws regarding the harvesting of timber and Ian realised that he had stumbled upon the perfect answer. He set to work to perfect a process for treating and finishing the reclaimed wood to the highest possible standards.

As a result of his meticulous research, design and manufacturing skills, and with the help of his wife and Brand Manager, Yung, and several hundred skilled craftsmen, customers who find our products in many of the world’s most fashionable retail outlets can be confident that they will last for generations.

FSC Wood Furniture