During the past 22 years we’ve saved over 550,000 trees from destruction. At the same time, our reclaimed wood furniture has brought style and practicality to homes and offices around the world. Responsibility & Beauty… these are the core values at the heart of PGT Reclaimed.

As Ian Burden, our founder, recounts in our ‘Who we are’ video, our ethical enterprise began when he saw piles of discarded pallets outside a Vietnamese dockyard. ‘Why waste perfectly good wood, when it can be recycled to produce high-quality furniture?’ he thought. Exactly.

Ian immediately began to research ways to restore and treat the reclaimed wood, applying kiln-drying techniques to avoid warping or splitting and developing finishing methods to enhance and protect the surfaces. Aided by his wife Yung, R&D Director, he gradually built up our company, now employing over 700 people in a factory with working conditions rated among the best in Indochina.

Innovative design and our use of traditional joinery techniques are major factors in our international sales success. Our designs, all created in-house under Ian’s leadership, reflect the way people live their lives today. In our experience, customers are reassured by our efforts to protect the environment, but they choose our furniture because it appeals to their sense of style. It not only does good, it looks good.